Aged care advice specialists

Concerned about moving your parents into aged care?
Overwhelmed with information from government websites and aged care facilities?
How do you know what is the best way forward?

We help you make the right decisions

The need for aged care often arises quickly and you can feel rushed into making major decisions from which there is no going back. The good news is you have more time than you think. You can save time and money by speaking to a Partners Aged Care Advice specialist.

Our aged care advisors are independent from the government and aged care facilities. They understand your concerns and have significant experience in working with people entering care and their families to provide smarter aged care solutions.

How we can help

Our Partners Aged Cared Advice specialists can advise you on:

  • What you can afford
  • How you can retain the family home
  • Generating sufficient income/cash flow to cover ongoing care fees.
  • The preservation of capital to pass to the next generation
  • The structuring of transactions whereby family members wish to contribute to care costs.

But it’s more than just advice, we can also:

  • lodge Centrelink/DVA Request for a Combined Asset and Income Assessment forms
  • check means-tested fee assessment letters to ensure they are correct
  • review aged care agreements
  • liaise with aged care providers on your behalf.

Call us any time throughout the process

We have been doing this long enough to know that it doesn’t always go smoothly. Things can happen that are out of your control or perhaps you just need some reassurance when faced with difficult family dynamics. As our client you have the peace of mind of being able to call us at any time throughout the process.

What we offer to you

Complimentary initial meeting can be arranged at short notice, at no cost to you and either at your home or place of business.

You will walk away with an understanding of:

  • how the aged care system works and what to expect as you move through the process
  • if eligibility for government support is possible.
  • the issues specific to your loved ones situation and how their situation could be improved.

Contact us today on 1800 333 143 and ask to speak to one of our Partners Aged Cared Advice specialists.