Property services

Partners Legal offer personal property securities and property legal advice. We work with clients to help them make informed property decisions that can maximise returns and minimise risk with innovative strategies to free up cash flow for future property acquisition.

Property Legal Advice

Partners Property assists clients with:

  • Property syndication opportunities
  • Residential and commercial buyers advocacy
  • Access to restricted property offers
  • Development risk
  • Property Legal Advice
  • Depreciation schedules

We also provide strategic property advice on:

  • Existing property investments
  • How to maximise returns and improve cash flow
  • Acquisitions and sale of property
  • Suitability for development
  • Personal Property Securities
  • Structuring when purchasing property
  • Investments via financing of property backed investments
  • Strategies for property portfolio growth

Find out more about how Partners Legal can help with property legal advice or personal property securities by contact us here!