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Accounting Partners

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Since 2003 Partners Wealth Group has been the trusted partner of leading accounting practices for a comprehensive range of business and financial planning services.

Our in-depth expertise in legal, commercial and financial services enable you to access a wealth of knowledge and unlock new possibilities for your clients.

When you partner with us you can choose from four different working models depending on the style of your practice and how you like to work with your clients.


Referral arrangement

Referring your clients to Partners Wealth Group is just like taking care of them yourself. We will assign you a dedicated team of specialists to provide your clients with the highest calibre financial planning advice, backed by a commitment to service.

You can add additional services, such as marketing support and client seminars to help you grow your business. You will receive regular client progress reports and take part in joint client presentations to help keep your clients informed and engaged.

Partnership program with revenue sharing

For a deeper level of engagement that includes a fee sharing arrangement, we have a partnership program which helps diversify the income streams of your practice by rewarding you for your time invested on your clients’ needs.


Joint venture

You can choose to set up a full service, financial planning business within your own practice as a joint venture with Partners Wealth Group. This model allows you to set up the business from scratch with minimal initial investment.

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To discuss how we can work together with your practice, contact Luke Ball today on 0437 573 197. 

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