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Class reveal their latest SMSF insights

Each quarter, Class produces the SMSF Benchmark Report, which highlights SMSF investment strategies, trends and other key metrics across the industry. The latest SMSF Benchmark Report for the December 2017 quarter examines SMSFs in pension phase. It takes a closer look at SMSF pension assets, and highlights where retirees vs those in accumulation phase are putting their money.

Key outcomes of this report show that pension SMSFs (funds with at least one member in pension phase) make up half of the 600,000+ SMSFs. SMSFs with at least one member in pension phase have an average balance that is over 151% higher than accumulation SMSFs – $1,939,985 compared to $772,947. In fact, pension SMSFs make up half of all funds, but they hold 71% of total net assets. These funds are generally expected to be more conservatively invested and are stereotyped as chasing yield.

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