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Five key reasons your clients should review their SMSF Trust Deed today

A robust, flexible and high-quality SMSF Trust Deed should be reviewed regularly to ensure your client's SMSF meets current legislation requirements, and that their deed is evolving as the SMSF does.

Five key reasons to review the SMSF Trust Deed:

  1. Is the deed older than five years?
    Superannuation legislation is always evolving, and it’s likely that recent legislative changes are not reflected in the current deed.

  2. Gain greater control over the level of care an SMSF member receives in the event of incapacity
    Updating the deed to include an SMSF “living will” – will allow your client to direct their benefits when a member loses capacity, allowing them to plan the level of care they wish to receive.

  3. Improve estate planning, and establish greater control
    Older Trust Deeds required you to review your nominations every three years. You can now establish non-lapsing Binding Death Beneficiary Nominations, to give SMSF members the power to direct who receives the benefits in the event of their death.

  4. Maximise contributions through reserving strategies
    This can be an effective strategy to increase contributions to your client's fund – however to utilise this, your client must first update the Trust Deed to allow reserve accounts.

  5. Is your client considering retiring in the near future?
    Older Trust Deeds may require the SMSF member to retire before they can access their benefits. If your client hasn't reviewed their deed recently, they may be able to update it to allow for Transition to Retirement Pensions.

How can Partners Wealth Group help?

Our experienced team will ensure that your clients receive a robust, flexible and easy to understand Trust Deed. We offer a quick turnaround time, guarantee compliance with current legislation requirements and cater to complex superannuation strategies.

For a limited time, we are offering this service for the competitive price of $395 including GST.

Contact Alex Swansson today on 0437 563 860 or aswansson@pwg.com.au

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