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Investment Team performance in 2019

In 2019 our Balanced Fund returned 19.14%, which outperformed the market. Overall we had strong performance over the calendar year and medium-term relative to peer averages. The Partners Wealth Group Balanced SMA outperformed peers in 2019 and continues to maintain strong relative performance on a longer-term basis. We note that our Strategic Asset Allocation requirements based on AMP guidelines require us to have higher growth allocations (70%) relative to peers (60%) but the PWG Balanced SMA has outperformed the Growth peers as well for 2019 and over the 2-year period since the launch of the SMA.

A congratulations to our Investment Committee that consists predominantly of our CIO Jonathon Bayes and Investment Analyst Matt Leong while Mathew Cassidy and Patrick Barry keep them on their toes.

It is very challenging consistently outperforming the market, our approach is to attempt to perform as well as the market and protect capital on the downside.  The protection of our clients capital is at the forefront of any investment decision.  Through our Financial Advice Approach of STRUCTURE, STRATEGY (Strategic Asset Allocation), TACTICS (Tactical Asset Allocation), REVIEW, I know our approach is as good as anything I have seen in the Australia and International Market.

Please note:  While our International Performance has been slightly behind benchmark, we have been very comfortable with our asset allocation and very few Fund Managers have met market performance.  This is on the basis that very few managers have been prepared to buy expensive assets in the market that are reflected in the index (the S&P 500 is at all-time highs and has had growth consistently over the last 12 years).  In our view, our clients will be rewarded in the long term via this approach.

If this has raised questions regarding your personal situation, or you would like to find out more, please contact your Partners Wealth Group advisor directly or on 1800 333 143.

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