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Largest income tax cuts in Australian history pass the Senate

Last week, the government secured the largest tax cuts in Australian history to come into effect from 1 July 2018. The aim of the tax cuts is to provide personal income tax relief to lower and middle-income earners.

The first phase is from 1 July 2018, with a Low and Middle Income Tax Offset now be available for individuals with incomes of up to $125,333.

The $87,000 income threshold, above which a 37 per cent tax rate applies, will increase to $90,000.

This is the first step in a seven-year Personal Income Tax Plan with plans to completely remove the 37 per cent tax bracket from 1 July 2024. Labor has announced it will repeal the cuts if it wins the next election.

Reduction in tax paid – Individuals

Taxable income

Tax reduction (2018-19 vs 2017-18)

Up to $37,000

Up to $200








$665 ($530 + $135)








If you have any queries on how the tax cuts will impact on you, please contact your Partners Wealth Group advisor.

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