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New Client Engagement Tool

Partners Wealth Group have developed a new engagement tool which will allow you, as the accountant, to have a broader engagement with your clients in relation to their superannuation.

Through the new myGov accounts, you now have access to view all your clients superannuation. This new calculator will allow you to input their super balance into a spreadsheet, and from there project out the capital value required for the client's desired income at retirement. The modelling tool will indicate whether clients will fall short of their required capital amount or be on target to meet their retirement goals.

You can use this calculator during client meetings, which can then assist you in broader conversations around what measures have to be taken to address any potential shortfall. This can then lead to setting up a complimentary meeting with an advisor to map out a blueprint financial plan for them.

Watch this video as our Head of Wealth, Patrick Barry, takes you through a client scenario of how the calculator can be used, which is both easy to use and clearly shows the retirement projections.

Partners Wealth Group advisors are contacting accountants to take you through the ATO Portal calculator and answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, if you wish to speak with an advisor, please call them either directly or on 1800 333 143.

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