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Super Day 2019 | Melbourne Agenda

If you are seeking a competitive advantage to help your accounting practice thrive, this event is for you. In the face of increased delivery costs, constant regulatory changes and changing client expectations, we will ask the question:

Change, Transition & Transformation – where does your SMSF practice sit?

8.00am Registrations open  
8.20am Welcome

Kim Payne
Managing Director

8.25am Opening address

Mathew Cassidy
Managing Director
Partners Wealth Group


SMSF legislative & technical update
What's changed in 2019?
This session will look at the major legislative and technical changes over the last 12 months, and provide an update on the current state of play, highlighting the areas that your business needs to be across, and how this will impact your clients.

John Lethbridge
SMSF Specialist Advisor
Partners Wealth Group

9.10am Superannuation after the Royal Commission and Productivity Commission reports
Where to from here?
The superannuation system has been the subject of two major reports delivered in the past year. This presentation will summarise some of the key findings of the Royal Commission and the Productivity Commission’s investigations. What did these reports tell the Government? And, more importantly, how does the Government intend to respond?
Christian Chenu
Legal Associate
Partners Wealth Group
9.35am ATO update
Current superannuation issues and initiatives
It is always refreshing to hear directly from the ATO regarding current superannuation policy and initiatives. Nathan will run through what’s currently on the ATOs radar in relation to superannuation under the new super regime.

Nathan Burgess
ATO – Director of Superannuation Program Office

10.10am Morning tea  
10.40am Auditing the Auditor?
ATO audit - steps to reduce risk to your practice
In 2018 the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has deregistered 10 SMSF auditors for breaching independence rules. We will outline what to expect from an ATO review of your practice and what steps you can do to reduce your risk

Alex Swansson
General Manager – Superannuation Audit
Partners Wealth Group

11.05am Self-Managed retirement portfolio construction
What is the potential impact of a change in Federal Government?
Learn how a potential change in the Federal Government could cause a sea-change in the way Australiana private and self-managed investors structure investment portfolios in the future. The franking credit regime has been lucrative for tax-advantaged investors, but it has also created a dangerous over-reliance on domestic, franked-income streams and a lack of diversification in many portfolios. The potential change in imputation credit rebates has caused significant angst amongst investors, but in reality, there is an increasing number of alternative income sources to franked dividends that should cushion the perceived blow to retirement incomes.
Jonathon Bayes
Chief Investment Officer
Partners Wealth Group

Panel Discussion
Are your SMSF clients prepared for a potential change in government and policies?
With the federal election fast approaching, there are a number of policies that the labor government plan to introduce should they be elected. This session will cover these policies in relation to your clients SMSFs and discuss the potential impact and what measures can your clients be looking at now.

Panel Discussion
Chaired by Mathew Cassidy
Managing Director
Partners Wealth Group

12.15pm Thriving in change
Accounting business models of the future
Dissing business models of the future within the accounting & financial services sectors, taking into account pace of change and leveraging the insights from our Macquarie Banks latest benchmarking from 2018
Eli Glotzer
Macquarie Group
12.45pm Judgement Day: Terminating your SMSF
Drivers, considerations and issues of winding up an SMSF
There are a number of reasons why you may want or need to wind up your SMSF, including the death or incapacity of a member, relocation overseas, family relationship or business partnership breakdown, or administration considerations. In this session, we will look at some of the main drivers for the decision to terminate an SMSF, the key considerations and options, and the steps you need to take to wind it up.
Sophie Cohen
Head of Partners Legal
Partners Wealth Group
1.20pm Lunch  
2.00pm Event concludes  



Event details

Date Friday 5 April 2019

Time 8.00am for an 8.20am start - 2.00pm conclusion

Early bird price $210 (from 25 March full price is $245)

CPD points attendees will be eligible to receive 4.25 SMSF Association CPD points

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