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Investment and Wealth Management


Tailored investing services
and wealth management strategies.

As a registered financial advisor, our broad-based range of integrated wealth management and investing services are designed to help you achieve your goals – in your personal life, your professional career or in your business.

Building on these principles, our financial advisors work with our clients and draw on expertise from other specialists in various fields to provide a comprehensive and performance-based financial planning offering.

Our Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is integral to the Partners Wealth Group investment process. The committee comprises three core members plus rotating key stakeholders that provide input and or specialist knowledge and advice as and when required.

Our Approach to Investing and Financial Planning

Our performance-driven approach follows a four-step advice model, to develop robust financial advisory solutions that can be measured over time against your needs and goals:



Step 1:
Investment structures


Step 2:
Strategic financial planning, advice and asset allocation


Step 3:
Active managing of your portfolio


Step 4:
Regular portfolio reviews with a financial planner

Our team

Our Investing and Financial Planning Team

The Investment Committee is integral to the Partners Wealth Group investment process and investor strategy. The committee comprises three core members plus rotating key stakeholders that provide input and or specialist financial advisory knowledge and advice as and when required.

Investment Philosophy

Financial advisors at Partners Wealth Group build diversified portfolios by employing a top-down approach to asset allocation, combined with a bottom-up approach for the selection of individual securities within each portfolio. 

We believe that asset allocation is a key driver of performance and look to benefit from this through well-thought tactical asset allocation positions derived from a deep understanding of the macroeconomic environment. Combined with a fundamental approach to choosing the underlying investments, we believe this active management approach provides superior risk-adjusted returns on investment in the long run when compared to passive portfolios.

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