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Providing first-class legal advice
across several areas of the law.

We are a leading wealth advisory legal firm that is unlike typical law firms.

Our aim is to provide you with exceptional quality legal advice that is highly attuned to your needs, supported by our key areas of expertise.


When it comes to our legal services, we want to work in collaboration with you as equal partners, with mutual respect.

When you come to Partners Legal you will discover our expertise covers a broad range of legal services that we can supplement at any time with additional “in-house” experts from many fields drawn from the internal Partners Wealth Group team. This ensures you will get legal advice on the whole “big picture” as we work in a fully integrated manner, yet you will only need to brief us once to access the entire scope of our legal services.

What our experienced lawyers can assist you with

What our experienced lawyers can assist you with:


Our team

Our Legal Advice Team

Our legal advice team is committed to investing our time and expertise in helping you to achieve your financial and personal goals.

Latest News & Events

Directors beware - Illegal Phoenixing

New laws with regards to resignations of company Directors came into effect in February 2021, to combat the practice of illegal phoenixing.

Small Business Insolvency Reforms

The federal government’s insolvency reform package relating to small business became law providing for a debt restructuring process intended to give eligible small businesses the flexibility to restructure debts while directors remain in control.

Recovering Debt During COVID-19 – Will I Get Paid And Is There A Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

Creditors and parties facing commercial disputes are worried and wondering if they can still recover debts owed to them or their business.

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