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Legal Solutions


For our clients, it’s all about value delivered. 

Partners Legal Solutions, an incorporated legal practice, operates as a hybrid law firm providing ‘next-law’ legal services - capturing the best of traditional and modern legal practices.  We practice as a traditional boutique law firm, but also as in-house counsel to Partners Wealth Group (‘PWG’).  As well as servicing its independently sourced clients, we will also act as part of the multi-disciplinary advisory team for the many clients referred by the PWG network of financial advisors and its partnered accounting firms.

Partners Legal Solutions is focussed on delivering smart, innovative, and integrated legal solutions.  As a value-based law firm, we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional service and is founded on a desire to achieve a positive impact for our clients in collaboration with the greater PWG offering.

Integrated within PWG’s St Kilda Road office, both businesses are proud of their aligned dynamic culture and variety of shared services.  Clients benefit from having access to fully aligned and integrated services from lawyers, financial advisors, accountants, and specialist PWG advisors (Lending, SMSF, Superannuation etc.) to provide solutions rather than just advice.

What our experienced lawyers can assist you with

Partners Legal Solutions offers a variety of broad and tailored legal services, including:


Our team

Our Legal Solutions Team

Our legal solutions team is committed to investing our time and expertise in helping you to achieve your financial, personal, and business goals.

Your Values

Tell us about your...

  • desire to deliver clients’ needs in the most efficient way you can
  • wish to work flexibly in terms of location and hours
  • ability to adopt great technology to enable the efficient delivery of solutions
  • wish to be appropriately remunerated for the value you deliver to your clients

Your Lifestyle

Which lawyers will benefit from our model?

  • Those looking for flexible hours like those approaching retirement or those with family commitments
  • Those who have a keen sense of delivering value to clients in excess of the cost
  • Those who have clients looking for flexible charging arrangements
  • Those who don’t need teams of legal and administrative staff to deliver their services

How does it work?

When you join Partners Legal Solutions you are not committing to come into an office for a certain number of hours (or any hours at all).  Our cloud technology enables you to work from home, at a client’s premises, on a plane or anywhere at all.  We ask you to commit to particular projects (as many or as few as you like) but, beyond that, you choose when and where you want to work.  If that’s in the office, that’s fine but it’s essentially your choice.

Revenue Model

We can enter into any arrangements with our clients that make sense...retainers, hourly rates, fixed fees, success fees and even equity-style arrangements. 

We prefer to avoid hourly rates if possible because they mean that the interests of the lawyer and the client are diametrically opposed.

We don’t argue with clients about fees.  In the unlikely event that a client does not think that we have delivered value, we will reduce or eliminate our fee accordingly.  (We will however reserve the right not to act for that client the next time they ask.)

Remuneration Model

The firm shares remuneration with each lawyer on a pro-rata basis when fees are paid.  The split between the firm and the lawyer may vary slightly from matter to matter depending on the type of retainer but, as a general guide, the lawyer receives as gross remuneration of 45% of the fees attributable to his or her work plus 15% of all fees collected on matters for which the lawyer made the initial referral to the firm.  Thus, if you source a matter and do all the work on it, you will receive 60% of the fees collected.

Contrast this with traditional city firms where partners may earn profit of around one-third of fees billed and it is obvious that we deliver a better outcome for both clients and lawyers.

Contact the legal team directly on +61 3 8508 7850 or email pls@pwg.com.au.

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