Getting the finance
you need, to bring
your goals to life.



You may have goals in your life that you simply cannot realise, without the right funding.

Getting the finance you need to bring your goals to life can be made straightforward, when you have a highly experienced team of advisors working for you.

Our dedicated lending advisors can help you obtain the finance you need, on the best available terms.

Our approach

When you need finance, we will work directly with your accountant or financial advisor to ensure we first fully understand your needs.

We then seek out the right funding on the most appropriate terms for you. We also ensure the debt is properly structured to suit your current and future needs.

With over 30 years combined experience in the financial services industry our highly experienced team ensure you receive the best possible advice.

It is our aim to create long-term relationships based on remaining highly attuned to your ever-changing financial needs.

What we can help you with

Our lending advisors can work with you to tailor a solution and provide advice on:


Hear from our clients

Fraser McLennan | Planet Shoes

Learn how we were able to partner with a client, Fraser McLennan, and his business to help him restructure his business lending, helping him to achieve his business and personal goals, while removing any stress so that he could concentrate on running his business. 

Tom Chambers | COO - Perfect Events

I have a strong relationship with my existing bank so when my accountant recommended I talk to Partners Lending regarding finance for a recent project I was a little sceptical about the value they could deliver.  My accountant had recently used them to refinance their own bank facilities, and I’ve used Partners Wealth Group for my SMSF set up and their Legal Services as well, so I agreed to give them a try.  I’m happy to say the rate delivered was well below what I had been able to negotiate and the extra assistance Partners Lending provided when dealing with the bank made it a great experience, one I’m repeating on my current development.

David Cox | CEO – Australia Pacific Touring 

Partners Lending were instrumental in assisting me with my investment loan. Their knowledge of banking and financial products and their efficiency in the execution of the loan, confirmed I was in good hands. The process was quick and simple, allowing me more time to get on with running my business. I would highly recommend all future lending with Partners.

Claire Walker | Senior Underwriter – TAL

Stephen was absolutely phenomenal in every part of the process, with both of my recent loans. So helpful, so responsive, just really outstanding in every area. I am certainly very grateful that I had Partners Lending to help me through the process. So thank you again, I look forward to the next one.

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