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Every individual's situation is unique, and we fully understand that meeting with a financial advisor for the first time can be daunting.

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It’s not every day that you discuss your personal financial affairs with someone you’ve just met.

Regardless of your life stage and financial situation, the first step is to get the right advice on structuring your assets and wealth. This can make a significant difference to the amount of tax you pay. We work with your accountant to ensure we have a strategy on this now, and into the future.

For more than 20 years, we’ve employed our own unique advice process — Structure, Strategy, Tactics & Review.

After establishing the right structures, we look at your risk tolerance and comfort level on different investments, your age and investment timeframe, what your cashflow looks like and how we best utilise this, as well as what your income needs are now, and into the future to ensure financial freedom. 

Once we have worked together to determine the best strategy and agreed on how to best meet your goals and objectives, we build and implement the right financial plan for you, with a mix of investments to suit your needs.

Your situation, the environment we live in and goals will almost certainly change along the journey.

It’s important that we review your structure, strategy and tactics on a regular basis to ensure they each remain relevant and are aligned to you and your family’s lifestyle and financial goals. Depending on your needs, we’ll meet with you regularly to ensure you’re on track to achieve the best financial outcomes and have peace of mind along the way.

A personalised approach to helping you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

At Partners Wealth Group, we think we do things a little differently, but better.

Our team of diverse and highly specialised experts work closely with your accountant or other trusted advisors to form a comprehensive wealth strategy. This genuine approach to collaboration is at the heart of our philosophy of being stronger together and is encapsulated in our logo design of three geese flying together in formation, representing our clients, our partners and ourselves working together for better outcomes.

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