Superannuation & Self-Managed Super Funds

Superannuation & Self-Managed Super Funds

Retirement is your opportunity to enjoy what you’ve worked hard to build over the years. We can take the complexity out of SMSF administration and compliance so you can enjoy peace of mind now, and in retirement.

Taking the complexity out of SMSF administration.

Managing your own Self-Managed Super Fund can be a complex and time-consuming process. As a registered tax practitioner, we have the expertise to make it easy.

Our highly experienced team has outstanding expertise in providing SMSF taxation and administrative services. We partner with accountants and work directly with trustees to provide a simple, seamless and straightforward service. Our aim is to deliver a timely, efficient and professional service that will enable us to build long-term relationships with you.

We work directly with your accountant or adviser, or any other professional service provider, to deliver the required administrative documentation ensuring all parties have complete peace of mind that the Self-Managed Super Fund is fully compliant.

We utilise an advanced, cloud-based software platform that allows real-time access to SMSF member account balances and other information so you will always be kept up to date and reliably informed.

Income tax & GST reporting

Our team can meet all your compliance requirements, including providing income tax returns, GST returns, and Business Activity Statements (BAS).

Preparing your financial statements

We can provide all your financial statements including members benefits, annual minutes and resolutions, along with live access to member benefit balances, investment values, year-to-date pension withdrawals and year-to-date contributions.

Setting up & administering SMSFs

Our experts will get your new SMSF up and running, with the assurance that you are compliant, including TFN and ABN application, company establishment, Trust deed establishment, members application and consent to act, ATO trustee declaration, and Pension documentation. 

Pension documentation

Our specialists can provide all your pension documentation, including minimum/maximum pension calculations, all relevant letters and minutes, pension agreements, Centrelink schedules and PAYG payment summaries. 

ASIC agent service

Staying on top of ASIC requirements can be stressful and time-intensive, however it's necessary to avoid facing penalties. Through our ASIC agent service, our team can relive this burden thorough services such as changing office holders, forwarding annual ASIC reviews and invoices, and notifying you when your annual ASIC fee is due

Actuarial certificates

Actuarial certificates are required for SMSFs that operate both pension and accumulation interests simultaneously, where assets are not segregated. SMSFs paying lifetime pensions are also required to obtain actuarial certificates on an annual basis. Contact us for an actuarial certificate. 

We can calculate the exempt pension income for your clients’ funds that are in receipt of account-based pensions and/or market linked pensions. If the fund is paying a lifetime or other defined benefit pension, our actuary can provide annual actuarial certificates.

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