Aged Care Financial Advice

Aged Care Financial Advice

Intelligent complete financial advice to help you make complex decisions on aged care solutions.

The reality of modern life is that we're now living longer, fuller lives.

If you have elderly relatives, you may be faced with deciding how to financially support and care for family members as they age, whether that be through in-home care, or in aged care.

Aged care can be a complex and quite often emotional topic for many families. Speaking to an experienced financial advisor can help you to navigate the aged care journey and plan effective options. It can also be a good way of keeping family discussions calm and professional when emotions may be running high.

At Partners Aged Care Advice, we work with you and your family to successfully manage issues like superannuation payments, assets and debts, Centrelink pensions and aged care entitlements, so you have a clearer pathway to making the right choices and achieving the best outcomes for your ageing loved ones.

How we can help you with Aged Care advice

Our aged care specialists work closely with you to help your family member or friend transition into aged care. This can be a difficult and confusing time, so having the guidance of a caring and experienced advisor can help you to navigate topics such as:

  • How to choose the right aged care facility
  • Paying the refundable aged care deposit (RAD)
    Should they sell the family home?
  • Will they lose their pension entitlements?
  • Is their money going to last?
  • How does all this work?

We can do as much or as little as you need.
For example we can:

  • Help to complete the Combined Assets and Income Assessment form
  • Liaise with aged care providers
  • Explain and advise on room payment options
  • Identify the care fees that apply (e.g. means-tested fee)
  • Discuss options for meeting the cost of living in care
  • Provide a detailed plan to better inform their decision making
  • Prepare Powers of Attorney where necessary
  • Review Aged Care Agreements upon request
  • Assist in transitions from Retirement Village living

The need for aged care often arises from an unplanned trigger event. We can offer a complimentary initial meeting at short notice if this happens. As a specialist aged care advice business, we have significant experience in working with people entering care and can provide you with the assurance you need to make crucial lifestyle decisions for a loved one.

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