Investment & Wealth Management

Investment & Wealth Management

Through proven experience and market leading insights, our independent in-house investment team can support you through your own investment and wealth management journey.

Our investment philosophy.

We believe that the right asset allocation is a key driver of performance for our clients and employ a well-thought tactical asset allocation derived from a deep understanding of the macroeconomic environment. Combined with a fundamental approach to choosing the underlying investments, we believe this active management approach provides superior risk-adjusted returns on investments in the long run when compared to passive portfolios.

Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation is a key driver of long-term investment portfolio performance, and we look to position portfolios appropriately in anticipation of risk events and cyclical or market movements. 

Our approach to Active Investment Management takes the view that markets are not always efficient and adopting a fundamental approach to selecting underlying investments allows for the purchase of high quality assets at times when they may be undervalued relative to their peers.

We believe superior performance is often achieved by minimising the effects of negative performance periods. With a strong focus on Capital Preservation, wealth protection is central to all that we do. 

Sufficient Diversification across various factors such as asset classes, geographical exposure and industry sectors is vital to effective risk management within an investment portfolio. 

Using these principles, our financial advisors and investment team build diversified portfolios by employing a top-down approach to asset allocation, combined with a bottom-up approach for the selection of individual securities within each portfolio. 

Unlisted wholesale investment opportunities.

For investors who meet the definition of a wholesale or sophisticated investor, we can offer you access to off-market wholesale investment opportunities through Partners Private, with bespoke investments for high-net worth individuals, that have traditionally been reserved for investment banks, stockbrokers and family offices.

Our investment opportunities include high quality property, equity and debt investments that have not been available to retail investors for the last 10 years. Through our strong networks and excellent track record, we are able to access previously unavailable investment opportunities for investors, while lowering the minimum initial investment from over $1 million per transaction to as low as $100,000 for certain investments.

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