Partners Lending deliver great results

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Partners Lending deliver great results

At Partners Lending we love a lending challenge! Our team bend-over-backwards to give clients lending solutions that enhance their lives by improving cash flow and saving them time and money.

Through our extensive networks and relationships with lenders, Partners Lending can access finance solutions tailored specifically to our clients’ unique needs.

Our award-winning team are experts in the residential and commercial lending space and backed by Partners Wealth Group, have the leverage and market strength to negotiate exceptional outcomes for clients.

In a recent example featured below, Partners Lending restructured a client’s loan and reduced her monthly repayments by $25,600, significantly improving her cashflow and easing the financial strain.

The client's situation

Partners Lending was referred a client facing issues with a loan restructure on settlement of a deceased estate.

The client’s husband had been responsible for managing their financial matters prior to his death, which left the client in unfamiliar territory and a vulnerable position. Through the restructure she felt her dealings with the bank were strained and she wasn’t given the same quality of service that her husband had received.

The restructure presented the client with higher interest rates and unfavourable repayment terms resulting in monthly repayments close to $40,000, which severely impacted monthly cash flow.

How we helped

Partners Lending negotiated a refinancing solution for the $4,000,000 debt with one of the four major banks. The repayment terms were changed to Interest-only for 3 years.

The outcome

Partners Lending reduced the client’s monthly repayments from $38,300 down to $12,700 - a reduction of $25,600 per month, providing a significant improvement in cash flow. In addition, a 20% discount on the application fee was negotiated, saving the client $5000.

A great result for the client and a great example of how we can make a significant difference to our clients' financial situation.

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This information is general in nature and is provided by Partners Wealth Group. It does not take into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person. You need to consider your financial situation and needs before making any decisions based on this information.