Partners Wealth Group launches wholesale investment business, Partners Private

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Partners Wealth Group launches wholesale investment business, Partners Private

One of Australia’s leading providers of financial advisory services, Partners Wealth Group (PWG) has launched Partners Private, offering bespoke investment opportunities for high net worth individuals.

Available to those who meet the definition of a sophisticated or wholesale investor, Partners Private provides access to investments for individuals that are usually reserved for investment banks, stockbrokers and family offices. Each investment opportunity goes through a rigorous process across investment, legal, financial and operational areas within PWG and only the best opportunities are offered to clients.

For almost 20 years, PWG has delivered wealth management and financial advisory services, and the introduction of Partners Private provides the firm with a unique position in the industry, allowing them to source high quality investments using their extensive institutional and wealth industry networks.

Managing Director Mathew Cassidy said: “We’re thrilled to announce Partners Private. It has the potential to provide major investment opportunities for our clients that are seeking more than the traditional strategic advice and portfolio management they already receive from us. Partners Private offers opportunities that they’ve never had access to before, and creates significant diversification of core portfolios through an exciting range of possible investments.”

“Partners Private clients will receive access to exclusive wholesale investment opportunities which are not traditionally available for retail clients, complementing and enhancing their investment experience. Our observation is that individual investors deserve better access to institutional grade investment opportunities.”

Every investment within Partners Private focuses on unlisted, wholesale-only opportunities that offer true diversification to core portfolios and include quality property, equity and debt investments.

The launch of Partners Private aligns with the appointment of new CIO Grame Bibby, who recently came on board combining industry expertise with wholesale investment opportunities and passionate about ensuring clients are only offered the best.

Bibby said “PWG’s retail and wholesale clients can be more assured that they are accessing harder to find and the highest quality offerings from each asset class, and not have to decide for themselves from a very long list of options that may be distributed by others with little discernment of quality.”

Partners Private focuses on fewer high quality offerings ensuring that each investment is monitored through thorough risk management using PWG’s strong relationships and expertise within the industry.

PWG provides personalised advice that leads to superior financial outcomes and peace of mind and empowering clients to unlock a world of possibilities, offering advice to assist at every stage of life.

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